MARCH 2016 – Workshop on significant topics in the biotechnologies sector: Personalized medicine

After the success of the conference on Microbiota in 2015, a new edition took place in Lyon (France) regarding the topic “personalized medicine”. About sixty attendees have met to listen and exchange views with key public and private sector actors. As the speakers’ profile were varied and complementary (Human and social sciences, medicine, industry, civil society), the debates were valuable.

Several themes were addresses during this conference:

  • Personalized medicine presentation and focus on personalized medicine in oncology
  • Doctor/patient relations evolution and patient role evolution
  • Personalized medicine influence on health care systems and public health
  • Personalized medicine ethical issues
  • New economic models and funding issues

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Mérieux Université is collaborating with the University of Lyon and the Foundation for the University of Lyon to develop these conferences which are rich opportunities to meet for people coming from various disciplinary fields.


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