May 2016 – Successful first edition of the General Managers and Cluster heads Seminar for Mérieux Université

IMG_9527At the end of May, Mérieux Université was very pleased to welcome the first edition of the General Managers and Cluster heads Seminar in Montcelard. As it has been a long time since such meeting gathering all our GMs has not taken place, Alexandre Mérieux decided to set up a specific and dedicated event for them and assigned Mérieux Université to organize it.

  • Create the occasion for General Managers to meet,
  • Step back together and reflect collectively upon our strengths and weaknesses,
  • Get their feedbacks on the organization
  • Share their views on how to best articulate local and central functions

were the main outcomes of the seminar.


An intensive agenda, designed around their role and mainly made of bottom-up workshops, enabled them to share peer-to-peer experience, ideas and good practices, and gave them many opportunities to discuss with Executive Committee members and Corporate Functions representatives. Moreover, they also had the chance to experiment a business game on corporate finance, to attend a conference on business model evolution… and to enjoy evening activities like a soccer championship with the Executive Committee!

Artcile GM 4

The peaceful environment of the Montcelard site, as well as the bottom up format, encouraged by the listening and constructive posture of all the speakers involved in the workshops, were really appreciated by the participants. This positive work atmosphere, orchestrated by Mérieux Université, enabled to go further in the discussion and offered promising perspectives for future editions of the General Managers & Cluster Heads seminar.

Business Game

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